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Could your significant other pass this popular “husband test”?

by Abbey

Relationship tests are popular on social media. These online tests provide a quick look into the nuances of love, ranging from the color wars that determine compatibility to the ketchup-or-mustard argument regarding commitment. The newest fad following the orange peel theory? The Instagram “Husband Test,” in which women refer to their boyfriends as “husbands” and record their responses.

The objective? to determine a man’s sincerity based on his answer. While uncertainty or offense point to a red flag, a lighthearted correction is viewed as a green one. Yet experts advise against making such hasty decisions.

Relationship counselor and mental health specialist Ekta DB cautioned against drawing broad conclusions about your partner from assessments like this one. “Perhaps they adore you, but they’re not prepared to commit? It’s possible that they have already made plans for such a commitment and are just keeping it from you. Perhaps they are currently contemplating something else entirely. There are numerous explanations.

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Why do we swarm these tests of love?

These tests become popular for a reason.They appeal to the common need for approval. Ekta stated, “We yearn for outward manifestations of our partner’s love and devotion.” She did, however, issue a warning: one reaction, captured on camera and magnified by internet criticism, does not convey the entire narrative.


According to Ekta, women are more likely to fall victim to these patterns. “They are looking to their partners for protection.” Women are built to cherish assurance, security, communication, and trust.

These trends’ widespread appeal indicates a deeper need for simple solutions in complex relationships. This might be a Catch-22 scenario, Ekta continued. Relationships these days are, especially with Gen Z, non-committal, at least initially. This behavior indicates that you are seeking clarification. It would be best to ask your partner directly in order to obtain it.

Love has many ambiguities. A healthy relationship is characterized by mutual respect, effective communication, and shared ideals considerably more than by a viral challenge.

Honest talks are a much better strategy than social media tests. Discuss your wants and expectations with your partner. According to Ekta, honest communication enhances relationships and fosters trust.

Maintaining a relationship requires work. Avoid obsessing over following internet trends in search of validation. Prioritize creating a solid foundation by being open with each other, sharing experiences, and showing respect for one another. Those are the true markers of enduring love.

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